A Queen for a Day

Ever worn a dress that makes you feel like Cinderella? Well, I kinda felt like her (or maybe Elizabeth Bennet-ish?) when I wore this on Mother’s Day. Cotton gingham may not scream, Where’s my coach and footmen? But there was something about the billowy, ball gown cut of it, and the way my children fussed over me, swishing my skirt, telling me how beautiful I was, and how my oldest daughter selected and presented me with “the perfect” rose at church (they were handing them out to all the mothers), because she said it matched my outfit. My husband had written the most beautiful blog post about me for Mother’s Day, which brought loads of sweet tears – it’s so special and dear to read how someone, whom you love and admire more than anyone on the planet, thinks and feels about you! And then the precious, beautiful homemade cards, filled with color and love, that I will treasure always, and the “breakfast” my kiddos made, which consisted of a big, hard biscuit with thick, pink, daughter-made icing, verrrrry, very sweet coffee, and “marshmallow stew,” made by my boys. Even though I felt a bit sick and weird after eating all that, I couldn’t help feeling like a Queen all day. A nauseous, weird one.

Me and my royal crew on Mother’s Day.

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How I love them so!! I am one blessed mama, indeed.

xx -Carrie

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