A Spring Affair with Lilla P + Who What Wear

For some reason, rainy mornings (and snowy ones for that matter) compute leisurely mornings in my brain. Even if they’re FULL-out, jam-packed, workaholic days. It’s called denial. Anyway, this morning was rainy, so that meant tons of time to pack bags and go on adventures with my youngest, after he’d jumped on my face to wake me up. Usually, we go to the beach, Disneyland, or outer space, but this morning was totally different. We went to Jewelry World (aka my accessory wall). We shrunk ourselves to two inches, and started climbing miles and miles of necklaces, and swung from statement earrings to dangly ones, bounced off sunglasses, crawled through rings, and tight-roped bracelet spirals (I only fell twice). It was amazing. And so worth being behind all day.

But you know what’s almost as amazing as adventuring in Jewelry World? Getting to partner with dream brands like Who What Wear Collection and Lilla P – together at the same time. Bam. Wearing new-for-spring, floral pumps by Who What Wear, and darling, goes-with-everything linen shorts by Lilla P (also sporting their versatile hoodie tee, once again). Shopped some of my spring favorites from each brand, below!

Who What Wear Floral Pumps 1b Who What Wear Floral Pumps 2b Who What Wear Floral Pumps 3bWho What Wear Floral Pumps 4b Who What Wear Floral Pumps 7b

Gotta get back to the huffy-puffy biz of catchin’ up! Fist pump, if you’re ahead of yours!;)

xx -Carrie

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