A Swing in My Step

Whew, is it the weekend, yet?! Mama tired. So much good going on, though – I’m staying the course (armed with lots of coffeeee)!!

So, I pretty much lived in this sweet little swing dress from Anthro, while we were in Costa Rica. It took me to the pool, beach, walks through the little village, and to a lovely dinner with my guy. Breezy, comfortable, and oh-so adorable. A really great buy for warm vacays and summer!

Embroidered Swing Dress 1a Embroidered Swing Dress 2a Embroidered Swing Dress 3a Embroidered Swing Dress 4a Embroidered Swing Dress 5a Embroidered Swing Dress 6a Embroidered Swing Dress 7a

PS. Did you see my lashes?! They’re not really mine. On a complete whim, I recently tried lash extensions from Salon Esther, here in town (ask for Vicki!), and I absolutely LOOOOVE them!! Super light – I can’t even tell I’m wearing them, and they don’t damage your existing lashes one bit (they just attach to your existing lash, and fall out when you naturally shed). Something fun to look into, anyway!

Power pump to finishing this week strong!

Sending lots of love and encouragement,

xx -Carrie

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  1. Audrinajulia

    March 7, 2017 - 8:07 am

    Is there any way we can’t swoon with Anthro pieces? Ahh wishing we could have a store here in the Philippines one day, surely it will be a hit!

    Love your lashes extension on you, and the pink combi color of that dress makes it more charming no?


    • Carrie

      March 8, 2017 - 1:08 pm

      I’m right there with you! We don’t have an Anthro here in my town – the nearest one is about 3 hours away, but I’m thankful it’s kind of close! And thank you – I’m really loving the lashes!! So fun! Yes, that little embroidered swing dress is my faaaavorite. So easy to throw on and go to the pool, shopping, lunch – whatever! :) xx -Carrie

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