Basics with a Bang

I can’t remember if I told you, but we fiiiinally got our house plans back from our engineer and architect last week, and submitted them to the county right away, to apply for our building permits. So, we’re in middle of sending off for bids, and things feel like they’re finally starting to really move! We spent the weekend clearing our lot, too. We had knocked down 9 or 10 trees our very selves, and have been working to clear the trunks and limbs with our very own hands the past several weekends. It’s been pretty tiring, but super rewarding. The kids have been helping us quite a bit (with regular intervals of playing on the farm, of course), but we couldn’t have finished without them this past weekend. We had rented some wood-chipping and splitting machines for the weekend, to help speed up the process, and we were working like mad to finish before sundown on Sunday. Our kiddos really stepped up to the plate, gathering and dragging branches over for us to send through the chipper, and we were able to send the very last branch through, just as all the light disappeared behind the mountains on Sunday night. It was a moment. We all group high-fived, and were feeling pretty giddy about it. I was so proud of us. As we looked around at what we had accomplished, my oldest son said, “I can see it! I can see it now, Mama! Our house will be right here, and this is what we’ll see out our windows!” His excitement was contagious, and we all dreamed out loud of what it will soon be like to live there. Having our own home, again. And then we discovered baby bunnies on our property, so going to sleep that night was nearly impossible, but oh-so wonderful. Hope is powerfully surging through our little family, again, and I’m so grateful for that! God is so Good.

On top of all this, I got new hair!! I wasn’t too sure about it at first, but now I absolutely love it. Paired my new bangs with some of my favorite basics.The Basics 5bThe Basics 2b The Basics 3a The Basics 4aThe Basics 1b

Happy new week to ya!

xx -Carrie

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