Basics with a Twist (Tie)

Pretty big news around here…. We now have four little readers in our house! Our four-year-old just joined the reading ranks, and immediately flew through four entire books. All he wants to do now is read, which so, so great!! But any parent of reading-age children knows, as rewarding and amazing as it is to see this massive, pivotal educational-cornerstone being built and refined in a youngster, teaching a child to read is a lot like that sloth scene in Zootopia. At least it is for me, when a kiddo is really struggling. My face kind of slowly morphs into something frozen and clenched, and my eyes gradually bulge out, while a word is glacially sounded out in all the wrong ways for the fourth time in the same sentence. My voice even takes on a kind of foreign, strangled shrillness, as I try to sound encouraging and helpful. Definitely got a Love/Dread thing going on with it, but am so grateful-ish to be a part of it. Molding young minds! It all starts with the bare, gritty basics, and takes a lot of gumption, dedication, and perseverance to see it through.

You know what is basic, but doesn’t take any perseverance, or dedication, or eye-bulging? It’s not a riddle; it’s my  outfit. Just threw on every staple I own, but added a fresh twist (tie) with this new sweater by Madewell. I absolutely love it. It has such a pretty silhouette, depending on how you tie it – low and loose for casual vibes, or a bit tighter can add some feminine flounce. So good.

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Go with gumption! Happy early weekend, Loves!

xx -Carrie

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