Healthy Summer Skin: Our Top 3 Tantastic Self-Tanners

‘Tis the season to have a glowing, beautiful, and perfectly bronzed tan… who’s with me?? Yes, I’m extremely fair skinned, but occasionally I love to be able to show my legs off without feeling as if I’ve spent the entire winter indoors. What’s the best way to achieve this goal without damaging your skin you ask? Well, self-tanners of course!

I know there are a TON out there – I mean, every aisle you walk down when summer is approaching has them waiting for you to purchase. With so many to choose from, you might be at a loss, and have no idea which one you’d like to try. Here are a few that I’ve tried, and have found great results!

Tan Towel


Tan Towels have been around for 16 years, and the founder, Lori Braun (Australian native), wanted to produce a product that gave consumers a natural looking tan without the mess and odor. Not only is this product an easy application, but it doesn’t leave a single streak either!! How amazing is that? Every time I’ve used Tan Towels, I have had a beautiful looking tan. These are perfect for someone who is on-the-go, and maybe doesn’t have time to make an appointment at the spa for a spray tan.

Jane Iredale: Tantasia


Here is yet again another bronzing self-tanning product you can purchase and take home with you! The bronzer will add an instant color to your skin, but Tantasia is more of a gradual process. Within three days you will begin to notice the natural even tan you were looking for! In order to maintain the natural glowing tan, it is to be used frequently (once per day). I love the color this leaves, but I’m more of a one-application-and-go type girl! If you’re in the market for a daily tanning lotion, than Tantasia is the self-tanner for you!! I do, however, love that Jane Iredale is a cruelty-free, and a mineral makeup line! Not only will your skin look flawless, it will feel better as well. You can check out for more tips on application!


This product is used before the airbrush in salon system

 Last, but definitely not least, is the Norvell tanning system, which is vegan and gluten free! I used this for another wedding I attended and LOVED the end result, I had the perfect, straight-from-a-vacation tan. The salon/spa I work in has the airbrush version of the Norvell System, which was my first experience with an airbrush tan. I, of course, was nervous of the outcome, but little did I know how much I would love the look. This is not just any ol’ self-tanner; it’s a system that is designed to leave you with healthier skin. Norvell is generous in adding their tanning products with the purest skin nutrients possible and subtracting all parabens, sulfates, and phthalates from its ingredients. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother, more even tan than I got from Norvell.

I no longer am afraid of these self-tanners – especially when I need a tan in a jiffy!! Also, as a reminder, always use your sunscreen when you use these products – they will not protect your skin from the sun! Happy Summer, ladies, and here’s to your best tan yet!!

XO -Britney

SMP Beauty Stylist


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