Beautifying in a Polar Vortex

Most of us east coasters have been braving this super cold blast that’s been hitting in full force, as of late! I’m not used to this blistering cold at all, but life goes on…. right?!? Like running the kids into school, walking to work, or, like we did last week, embracing/braving even more cold and snow on the Slopes of Park City, Utah!

We took our little guy, Cade, and another family along with us, and had an absolute blast! Here is a pic of us all looking super bundled-up, and Happpppy to be having so much fun!


(Meet the Hammond Family – Stephen, Cecelia, and Emi. Then there’s my husband, Peter, my son, Cade, and I)

Of course, I stuffed a few of my favorite products in my ski pocket to keep Cecilia and myself looking bright beautiful on the slopes! They also came in handy when we decided to thaw-out over delicious hot cocoa! While the kids were away at ski school, Cecilia and I did a little mid-ski-run photo shoot, using my Polar Vortex Product Survival Kit!


(My gorgie friend Cecilia Hammond)

We started the day of with a tinted moisturizer that had SPF of 45 in it! It helped us stay canceled, covered, and protected from the sun and the wind all day long. I brought along my sample size, so that I could keep it handy and we could keep reapplying all day long, as needed! Intellishade is my all-time favorite anti-aging tinted moisturizer! It moisturizes and blends naturally with the color of your skin, and it also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – all while providing UVA and UVB protection. It also fights photo damage, which causes premature aging! It’s amazing stuff.


(Revision by Intellishade)

Here are a few other products we had hidden in our ski-coat pockets! You’ll notice some other sample size products – outings like this are a great reason to keep those bad-boy samples around!


(Versace – Bright Crystal Perfume)


(Chanel – Rouge Allure Fougueuse Lipstick)

Also, you cannot brave an Arctic Blast of cold without a hair plan! I’m sure most of you moms on-the-go (and really any of you that don’t want to be cold) just grab a quick hat, making your hair work as long as you are warm! I suggest a simple braid. It keeps your hair from tangling, and from whipping you in the face, or worse, smearing your gorge lipstick (yuck – not a good look).



Hopefully, you’re making the most of this arctic blast, and are playing hard, and getting lotsa fire-side snuggling in. Cheers to keeping your look fresh, and not FROZEN, as we all weather this last bit of winter together!


(My hubby Peter and I)

xoxoxo -Tricia

Tricia Gulikers is SMP’s Lead Beauty Stylist, and is a full-time, professional Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist. She offers in-person services via her own website, Tricia H Coble, as well as at Euphoria Salon & Spa, and travels frequently for shoots and special events. If you would like Tricia to help you create and achieve a fresh beauty look online or in-person, we can easily get you all set-up with her via our SMP Beauty Page. Have a beauty-full day!


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