Blushin' Blooms

The day we shot this just might have been the windiest day I have experienced in a long while – perhaps ever – but in between mighty gusts, it was also one of the loveliest. Rows and rows of cherry blossom trees in full bloom, showering petals like pink fairy dust, was just a magical sight to behold and experience. Photos absolutely do not do it justice, but here are a few snaps we took….

Cherry Blossoms 1aa Cherry Blossoms 2a Cherry Blossoms 3a Cherry Blossoms 4a Cherry Blossoms 5a Cherry Blossoms 6a Cherry Blossoms 7a Cherry Blossoms 8a Cherry Blossoms 9a

So. Pretty.

Of note: the J.Crew shoes I’m wearing made me feel like Cinderella – they are so gorgeous!! Be sure to size down at least half a size, unless you need a prince in your life 😉 Also, I paired either my new J.Crew clutch, or it’s matching tote, with pretty much everything I wore all long-weekend long. Both are made of a durable, sporty mesh material, trimmed with leather, and that bold, canvas stripe just makes that clutch. I’m a sucker for stripes.

Hope you’re all enjoying a beautiful spring so far!


Mama x 4 + SMP Founder

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