Chic Ways to Update Your Home for Spring: Featuring Modernize

Well you, dear readers, are in for a treat! Modernize is stepping in today to guest blog about some easy, chic ways to update your home for spring, but you MUST check out their website. It’s simply brimming with gorgeous inspiration, and practical tips on achieving what you want for your home – indoor and outdoor. It has Pinterest-worthy inspiration, but it gives you all the tools you need to turn your inspiration into a reality – all in one tidy place. They also have a comprehensive list of pros you can contact by city, from contractors and designers, to landscapers and artists – you name it, they have it. Prepare to be inspired!


Modernize is where you come to get inspired, see what’s possible, and connect with a professional who will make your dream home a reality.

Spring is a great time to take a look around your home, and find ways to update the décor. A change in the theme of a room doesn’t need to turn into a full-scale remodeling effort. By selecting a few specific targets, you can quickly, and cheaply, revive the style of its interior design.

Change the Rugs



One of the fastest ways to change the appearance of a room is to replace the rugs. While it’s important to make sure that the surrounding décor matches the rugs, if you’ve planned your previous purchases around what’s in-place in a room, you can quickly swap out one set of rugs for another. Hardwood floors are compatible with a number of different styles, so don’t be afraid to try something that fits your seasonal theme of spring.

New Throw Pillows



The décor of a room can be easily transitioned by replacing the throw pillows. Swapping out the throw pillows also offers a chance to keep your décor consistent with other changes that go along with the new spring theme. Try lighter colors that will brighten up your space during the spring and summer seasons.

Hanging New Pictures and Artwork



Overtly conveying the idea of a spring theme in a room can be more challenging than a homeowner might expect – especially if someone is trying to avoid going for the traditional pastel colors that are often overused. One way to hit the spring theme with more subtlety, is to swap out photos and artwork in a room, replacing them with images that are clearly consistent with a spring theme. New artwork always helps produce new conversations, as well, and these fresh focal points will freshen up your space.




Windows are a huge part of the visual appeal of any room, and how they’re framed is important. A change of curtains allows you to quickly make a new statement. Curtains can also be used to divide rooms, and can function as doorways to areas like the pantry. By swapping out old curtains, and replacing them with something bright and colorful, you can celebrate the spirit of rejuvenation that we all like to feel in spring.

Accent Walls

accent wall


One way to add a surprise element to your home is to paint an accent wall. If a specific area of a room is intended to be a focal point, an accent wall can serve to draw a visitor’s attention to that spot. It also is a great way to let guests know that you’re willing to take risks with the décor, and taking few artistic risks that truly speak to your personal style will likely improve your mood moving out of the drab winter season, and into spring!

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