Date Niiight!!

It was Date Night, last night!!!! I love Date Night. I liiiiive for Date Night. It’s my favorite thing ever to hang out with my favorite person in the world (and I really mean that – I tell him that everyday). I woke up like it was Christmas morning!! And it did not disappoint. Well, minus a minor set back, cuz he got held up at work, and got home an hour late (and told me this just AFTER the babysitter had arrived), but we got her back on course, and had such a fun night. Lots of strolling, hand-holding (my favorite!!), dining outside (also my favorite), huge-cookie consumption, while we strolled (probably my best favorite thing), and then we went to see Jason Bourne (we’re huge fans), and saw a bunch of people from our church there. So very fun! I almost fell asleep during the movie several times, which doesn’t sound very huge-fannish, but it’s not that I was bored, or anything – action movies in theaters always put me to sleep. The more bombs, and crashes, and high-speed chases there are, the more I have to fight to stay awake. I think it’s because all the big, loud noises blend into a steady stream of white noise, lulling me off to dreamland….? Or maybe I’m just weird.

Here’s what I wore, last night. Normally, printed/floral blazers are not my thing, but, again, floral e’rything is proving to be such a huge trend for fall, I thought I’d give her a try, and I’m glad I did! I really like this gal. Shopped more options for you, below, if you feel like giving her a whirl, too.;)

Date Night 3b Date Night 2aDate Night 1bDate Night 4a

Oh, and bows are not usually my thing either – I’m still getting used to these shoes….

xx -Carrie

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