A DIY Gift Idea for Your Baby Daddy

Since Haley did such an awesome job covering gifts for the dads that raised us yesterday, I thought I’d show an easy, but really sweet gift idea for the daddies of your beautiful children – especially if your tots are too young to buy, or make him something on their own (like mine). The kids and I made this tee for Father’s Day two years ago, and he wears it – with pride – alllllll the time. He has repeatedly told me that it’s his favorite shirt. It’s simple, but it could be a cherished keepsake for your guy.

Pardon the wrinkles – it’s well-loved.

dad gift 1 dad gift 2

I bought the tee, and had the wording + kids’ names screen-printed on the front and back (because I have zero art talent). But if you’re fairly confident with paint, you can skip the screen-printing, and paint the wording yourself! Allow a few days to create this. I’d suggest doing all the paint work on one side first (be sure to place cardboard or flat plastic inside the tee, so that the paint won’t bleed through to the other side!), and then allow to dry a full day before turning over to do the back.

DIY Father's Day Gift


The kitchen counter, or a flat workspace near a sink, is the perfect place to do this “art work.” Have wet wipes, or paper towels handy for accidental drips and smears! To minimize mess, I painted one hand/foot at a time with a paint brush, pressed it to the shirt, then washed it off in the sink. Then repeated that 15 more times. It was a littttle exhausting, but totally worth it. I love seeing that shirt on him, and having all those little baby hands and feet documented in such a way is truly priceless!

Here’s our well-loved daddy, wearing his well-loved tee on a recent trip to Disneyland (sorry for the quality – I took it with my phone!).

dad shirt 1a

He is our hero.

Happy (early) Father’s Day to all the great ones out there!



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