Easy-Breezy Summer Hair


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With summer making it’s entrance, it only seems right to share some of my favorite – can’t live without – hair products. These products are great for those carefree days of basking in the sun, on the beach, at a lake house somewhere, or in your own backyard!

Easy-breezy is the name of this summer-hair game….

            Brit's Summer Picks


 These products are PERFECT  while you are on-the-go this summer, and great when you aren’t wanting to spend much time styling it.
First… Eufora’s Smooth’n Thermal Defense prep is great to protect your hair from the sun’s ever-intense rays, as well as any type of heat you use on your hair (i.e. blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron). I recommend this to help add shine, and keep your hair strong this summer.
SEA SALT SPRAY!!! Ahh… my go-to – especially when my waves aren’t wanting to wave, when I need a bit of extra texture, and when I want to feel as if I just stepped off the beach.
Eufora’s Full Effect is the bomb.com. This is a new product that they came out with just a few months ago, and I’ve fallen head over heels for this little gem. I mean, it holds your curl, and lets you run your fingers through your hair without pulling out the curl. It has amazing memory that will last even in second-day hair.

Lush… need I say more?! Other than their delicious bath bombs, they also have a TON of other products to play with – including hair products. Most women want to have that second day hair everyone talks about, and with dry shampoo, you can achieve just that! Sprinkle in this magical dust, and you’ll be good to go!

I hope you can try these great go-to’s this summer! Happy hair days are ahead!


* Eufora products can be purchased exclusively in a salon near you. Please visit eufora.net to find the closest to you!*

Britney is an SMP Beauty Stylist, and is a professional Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist at J. Michael’s Spa & Salon in Louisville, KY. If you would like Britney to help you create and achieve a new beauty look either in-person or online, we can easily get you all set-up with her by clicking here. Have a beauty-full day!


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