Brave the Wind with these Easy, Chic, Fall Hairstyles

I don’t know about you all, but as this cold weather is now among us, I find that rocking a cute hairstyle can be difficult. With the layers of hats, scarves, and coats… and not to mention the chilling gusts of wind! Never fear, I have three fall-weather-and-attire proof styles! These three styles are super easy to achieve, aren’t time-consuming in the least, and can weather the wind and scarves you wrap around them in a fab way. They’re perfect for ladies in a hurry, and/or mommas with littles hanging onto their every move….


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Photo by: Tabitha Prevett Photo
Photo by: Tabitha Prevett Photo
Photo by: Tabitha Prevett Photo + Styled by Britney Dunbar
Photo by: Tabitha Prevett Photo

Braids are perf when its comes to layering up for fall!  There’s no need to ever fret over hat hair when pulling this look off either – it all stays in one place. The wind is no match with this style, as it could only enhance it…. In the first two looks, braid the hair across the front to act as a headband (I braided the second look). You could also pull your bangs into the mix, so you won’t have to mess with them throughout the day. For the third look, I added a braid in with the curls to add flare. You can either do this, or just opt for a simple french braid, or fishtail to the side.

Tousled and Down 

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Dosen’t Meg Fox’s hair look amazing?! We are going for easy-breezy hair, and all you need to achieve this look is your round brush, blow dryer, or curling iron. I would use about a 1″ iron and round brush, since you aren’t looking for the perfected curl. Remember, with any style, start with a great base of product in your hair. I always use some sort of mousse or cream; I want to make sure my curls will last, and by adding product before blow-drying, it will do just that. I promise it makes a HUGE difference.

Messy Bun

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Hello, Second-Day Hair!!!! Take a cue from Julia Roberts, and toss it up into a low, messy-bun, and let your bangs hang, or a few pieces dangle. Look effortless and stylish all with one look. This is far more chic than the pony we rock when we don’t feel like fixing it. Tease the crown to add a little drama to your bun!

 So, no fretting. Fight the wind, and cold-weather accessory mess by embracing it! Wind-blown and tousled should be the name of your fall/winter game; it’s sexy, breathless, and fresh. Here’s to gorgeous, chic, fall hair! Happy layering!

xoxo -Britney

Britney is an SMP Beauty Stylist, and is a professional Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist at J. Michael’s Spa & Salon. If you would like Britney to help you create and achieve a new beauty look online, we can easily get you all set-up with her via our SMP Beauty Package. Have a beauty-full day!


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