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I know it’s Friday, and I’m just now getting to my “what I wore on Sunday” post, but it’s been A Week. Anyway, it struck me, as I climbed into the car to drive to church this past Sunday, how easy it all was for me to just slide in, sans sweating, or huffing and puffing. I remember how, not too long ago, it felt like it took 9, labor-intensive years to get out the door. All the things that had to happen for all to be dressed, shined-ish, and buckled into their carseats seemed endless – mainly because things always kept getting added on… Where’s your other shoe I laid out, last night? Whyyyy did you color your church pants?? Where’s your sock? Why is the diaper bag suddenly empty – where is everything??! Yet the “Get Out The Door” list just covered BASICS. You know feed, clean-ish, dress. How hard could that be?? I remember how every meal time felt like rush hour at a bar/restaurant, usually run by just one, poor sucker: Moi, the bar-tender/cook/hostess/waitress/busser/entertainer. At one time, every one of my four children drank a different kind of milk, due to either allergies, or simply their age, and each had a different type of drinking vessel. I remember the painfully slowwww process of spoon-feeding new baby eaters, and watching the food carnage build and multiply exponentially on the table, but mostly on the floor, by the toddlers sitting next to me. And then trying to clean said carnage with one hand, as the other was full of sweet baby. Changing diapers, racing to get a tot to the potty “just in time” (or not, and cleaning that up). Clipping 40 fingernails, and 40 toe nails. Brushing teeth, scrubbing faces, washing hands, combing hair, dressing four little bodies with the remnants of what I had carefully laid out, and searching like mad to find the other scattered pieces, or just improvising. Nursing the baby one last time, and then shoving him to my husband to buckle him in his carseat, so I could finally throw my clothes on, wipe down my face, and do a speed-check inventory of the diaper bag (properly stocked diaper bag was crucial to life carrying on!!), then racing to jump into our family-filled car (I was always last). Sweaty, completely out of breath, slightly shaking, and totally exhausted, I couldn’t believe we managed to do it each time. And that was just getting into the car… Never mind that I missed most of church chasing after a tot in the back halls because he or she was terrified to go into the nursery, or Sunday school. Never mind that. It could seem like such a waste of time and energy, but I know it wasn’t. Even if I completely missed out on the sermon, and some of the worship myself, the rest of my family didn’t. At the very least, I knew it was/is important to consistently be there to set a standard, a precedent, for our children, and for our family. God comes first, and simply showing up at church each Sunday, that we’re well and able, is one, tangible, significant way to show our children this. It was an accomplishment to be there. It was also exhausting to be there. So, if you see mamas with little ones at your church, be kind. Encourage them, or give ’em a high five. It takes guts and true grit for them to be there. If you ARE the mama with little ones there, God bless you, and your efforts!! And it will get easier, and feel far more rewarding, I promise!

So. I feel tired just typing all that. But my life isn’t like the above anymore. Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, life is so much eeeeeasier now! Just as busy, but no longer so hands-on-for-e’rything intensive. I’m thankful for this new phase, AND for the baby/toddler phase! There’s so much I miss (and don’t), as I’m sure will be the case of every phase of parenthood, but I’m just so thankful for my mama role, for my babies, and for my supportive husband (who was just as busy – well, maybe almost – as I was on those Sunday mornings. He needed an honorable mention).

So, here I am in all my easy-breezy, recent, Sunday morning glory.

Sunday Best Pale Pink 2a Sunday Best Pale Pink 3b Sunday Best Pale Pink 1aSunday Best Pale Pink 4b Sunday Best Pale Pink 5b Sunday Best Pale Pink 6a Sunday Best Pale Pink 7a

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See? We even have time to spare for a few snaps before climbing into the car, now! And I have energy to laugh! At the very least, I hope you mamas with little ones feel encouraged, and maybe validated by this post. I get you, and I am cheering you on!:)

PS. We were one down with a contagious skin rash, which is why he wasn’t pictured. Daddy took one for the team, and stayed home with him.

xx -Carrie

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