Edge-up Your Work Style

We’ve covered punch-up your work style, so why not try edging it up a bit? I decided to try this with three key pieces: skirt, top, and shoes (but you could certainly opt to try just one!).

I love the wrap skirt! It has a similar look to your classic pencil, but packs a little more pow just because it’s slightly different with that pretty slit (be sure to pin it just above your knees!). I chose a crop top (gasp! for the workplace?! yep), because this is still a very of-the-moment top, but there is absolutely noooo inappropriate-for-the-work-place tummy flashing here. High-waists are a must, if you want to try this at work.

And then we come to the shoes…. A great statement shoe is an easy way to edge-up any look – especially if you feel unsure, or uncomfortable trying clothing trends (like the crop top, for instance). I’m in love with these shoes by Senso! I pounced on them while they were on sale, and am so, so happy they live with me now.

All this said, I do realize that since my job lives in the fashion realm, I have a lot of creative leeway with what I wear, but if your work world isn’t quite as lenient, and ya just can’t do the crop top, or a super-high heel, just try adding a bold piece of jewelry, like a really great cuff, or gorgeous statement earrings (earrings are being worn again – yay!), or a bright pop of color on your feet. You don’t have to be a head-to-toe trend, just try incorporating a fun piece or two that pushes you a little bit.


Edge-up Work 1a Edge-up Work 2a Edge-up Work 3a Edge-up Work 4b Edge-up Work 6a


Top: Zara (much spendier, but love the shape). Skirt: ASOS. Trench: Nasty Gal (similar). Earrings: Diana Warner (in navy). Leather Cuff: Satine. Silver Cuff: t+j Designs. Sunnies: zeroUV. Clutch: Reiss (love this). Shoes: Senso. Pedi: Julep in “Sylvia.”

Happy Hump Day to you! Email us a snap of what you’re wearing to work these days – we love to be inspired by you! Or if you have any styling questions, send ’em our way – we’re always happy to help!

xx -Carrie


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