Fashion, meet Fitness

HAPPY SATURDAY – I hope you’re reading this after a long and lovely brunch.

Recently, I had the opportunity have the role of Creative Director and Stylist of a “test photoshoot with several talented ladies in the industry. We all were looking to get some fresh work under our belt and you know what they say – Good things come to those who hustle. Do they say that? Maybe it’s just me? We’ll take a poll after this.

I’m sure anyone who follows ANYONE on Instagram, watches TV, or walks around people watching has noticed the influx of Nike Free tennis shoes, leggings, and fancy sweatshirts that have invaded our wardrobes on a daily basis. Not only is comfort cool, it’s sexy. Wearing activewear and looking good whilst doing so is now yet another fashion hurdle we all have to scramble over. The best part is that said hurdle is easy to leap because we’re all in tennis shoes and midi skirts.

I love that our two worlds are colliding. The way I see it, we all try to be healthy or work out to be able to wear the clothes we want, relieve stress, or just relax, in general. It’s like the fashion world, for the time being at least, has just thrown up its hands and said, “You know what, at the end of the day we all want sweatpants so can we just start the end of the day now?”

I’m so pleased to be able to share those images with you today!


Haley Hoover Spring 2014-173
Better tighten your pony, because your college sweatshirt just got a run for its money.


Haley Hoover Spring 2014-216
Going casual with your attire? Add a heightened heel to lengthen your leg.
Haley Hoover Spring 2014-748
Your dressiest nighttime look can come out in daylight with a bright (and fresh pair) of joggers.

Haley Hoover Spring 2014-199 Haley Hoover Spring 2014-425 Haley Hoover Spring 2014-658 Haley Hoover Spring 2014-1161

Statement tee at Yoga? You’ll sparkle while you melt your heart to the sky.

Haley Hoover Spring 2014-1261

Meet your new fall layering technique! Cinch a sweatshirt at the waist for shape.

Haley Hoover Spring 2014-1409

Haley Hoover Spring 2014-1615

 Tennis shoes instead of boots? All the better to chase those dreams, my dear.

I’m ready to run, are you?

xx – Haley, SMP Stylist + Marketing Director

All wardrobe by Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Zara & H&M


Models: Erika Cartolano + Mirei Dutch – contact haley@style-me-perfect for info

Photo Creds – Ashley Revell,

Makeup + Hair Creds – Mollie Parks,


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