Feelin’ Like Ginger Rogers

So. This Donna Morgan jumpsuit. It surprised me in so many ways! First, I was all ready for groovy, peace-out vibes (who doesn’t love a good 70s number?!), but when I slid it on, I immediately felt I needed a tuxed-out Fred Astaire by my side. I was feelin’ 30s Ginger Rogers in a gooood, good way. And the reactions from my family almost shocked my swishy-striped-legged pants off! My oldest son saw me in it first, and as he rounded the corner, he stopped dead, jaw dropped, and then said, “Maaaaama. You look beauuuutiful!!! And soooo tall!!” Ha! The rest of my family ga-ga’d over me in this, too, including my husband, so anytime I need a confidence boost, I’m breaking this girl out. Wowzers. And compliments from complete strangers! Goodness! I tell ya, I felt like tap dancing with all that praise. (But I promise, I’ll leave that to good ol’ Ginger and Fred.) 😉

 Ginger Rogers (Donna Morgan) 1aGinger Rogers (Donna Morgan) 2aGinger Rogers (Donna Morgan) 3aGinger Rogers (Donna Morgan) 4aGinger Rogers (Donna Morgan) 5aGinger Rogers (Donna Morgan) 6aGinger Rogers (Donna Morgan) 7aGinger Rogers (Donna Morgan) 8a

Weeee!! Happy Friday!! I’m ready for another date night.

xx -Carrie

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