Flaunt those Florals

Spring has sprung, and you better believe I’m doing the totes cliché thing, by busting out my florals. Hey, it’s cliché for a reason! All tyyypes of florals neeeed to be seen, and worn, and smelled in spring, after the cold, deadness of winter. Am I right? Or am I right. I love this quote: “Here in the South, we don’t hide crazy. We parade it on the front porch, and give it a sweet tea.”:) Disclaimer: I was born-and-raised in Georgia, so I’m showing no disdain, nor discrimination for/of southern people. I’m a Southern Crazy, too, and do plenty of parading. Back to my topic, though – I say, join the masses, and flaunt those florals with flare (and with a sweet tea, if ya wish). See what I did there? Alliteration AND a corny pun – I’m on fiyah this morning! (All my children groan.)

Shopped some floral favorites, + my flares are on sale (love them!!). Boom.

Floral + Flares 1a Floral + Flares 2b Floral + Flares 4a Floral + Flares 3aFloral + Flares 5b Floral + Flares 6a Floral + Flares 7b

Floral Blouse: Anthropologie (sold out – similar) | Flare Jeans: Madewell | Leather Jacket: J.Crew | Small Tote: Madewell | Fringe Sandals: Banana Republic | Sunnies: Ray-Ban x Anthropologie | Necklace: Gorjois “Avery” | Cheek + Lip Stick: Albeit x Anthropologie in “Bare Rose”

Happy Hump Day! Let’s strut this day, Mamas.:)

xx -Carrie

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