Getting Glammed: Old Hollywood Style

It’s DAYS before Christmas, and this has been such a particularly busy season this year – I’m still a few gifts away from being done with shopping! I’m glad the hustle and bustle is winding down, for sure. During this busy season, I had the pleasure of working with style blogger, Nicole Jewell from, Bluebird the True Bird  and Firm Anchor Photography to work on her “Holiday Look.” Nicole put together such a great look with a little added twist/edge to a red beauty of a dress.

Most of your holiday parties are about finished, but there is no reason you can’t rock this down-and-wavy style to a NYE party, or even for your everyday look.

Follow the steps below for some wave in your life. 😉


photos by: Firm Anchor Photography
photos by: Firm Anchor Photography

Step 1:

Create a deep side part in the direction your hair normally falls. Make sure you make a straight line going from your forehead to the crown of the head, or just before the crown, using a comb.


Step 2:

Next, you will curl both front sections from your hair line to your ear, away from your face. Take small sections, so you create tighter curls. Spray hairspray, or a spray wax to give the curl some hold. Don’t fret, this may look slightly odd, but leave it, and we’ll come back to it at the end. Give the curl some time to cool and stay in place.


Step 3: 

Curl the back section from your nape (neck), to the crown of your head. Curl each side toward the middle. For example, when curling the left side of the section, turn the curling iron toward you, not away and start curling from the middle, and work your way down to the ends. Repeat this until you reach the top.


Step 4:

We are almost there!! Time to grab a smoothing product to pull through the curls. I like to use Eufora Pure Polish. Just add a small amount (depending on thickness/length) to your curls, and try not to get too much on the scalp. You won’t want to weigh down any of the volume on top. This is also the section you can tease on the crown of your head.


Step 5:

Softly brush out the curls with a paddle/flat brush, to achieve that beautiful Old Hollywood look! Add some hairspray, and a couple of bobby pins behind your ear on the side you want slicked back.


Viola! You did it! :)

Finished Product



Nicole is Wearing:

Dress: Clodhoppers. Necklace: Forever21.

Location: J.Michael’s Spa and Salon

BIG thanks to Bluebird the Truebird and Firm Anchor Photography for such a fun afternoon – they are truly wonderful and talented women. Happy Christmas, and I hope we all take time to enjoy our families this holiday season, and remember what a wonderful gift we have received into this world!


Britney is an SMP Beauty Stylist, and is a professional Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist at J. Michael’s Spa & Salon in Louisville, KY. If you would like Britney to help you create and achieve a new beauty look either in-person or online, we can easily get you all set-up with her by clicking here. Have a beauty-full day!


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