Giving Thanks in All Things

Oh, good morning! So, we just got back late Sunday night from spending an ENTIRE WEEK PLAAAYING down in SoCal. We finally did Disneyland as it should always and forever be done: one day on, one day off. It was perfect! The hotel we stayed at had a fun, heated water park and pools, so the kids still had a blast on our “off days,” and then we’d also nip down to the beach for boardwalks, ice cream, and sandcastles, of course. We could even see Disney’s fireworks from our hotel balcony! It was heaven. The sunshine, the warmth, the bright colors, and flowers, and palm trees everywhere!!

I really miss color. We came back to more snow, rain, and lots of muted grays and browns. I was really tired yesterday, and I couldn’t help thinking how it looked like a Holocaust movie, or something out of a Charles Dickens novel (I can be a bit dramatic – ha!), but like I said, I was tired, and I have since repented. I truly am thanking the Lord for this season of life that He has given to us (even if it seems so much longer than the rest!), because God’s Word is very clear on this: to give thanks in ALL things – not just the good, but especially in the hard/challenging things (I Thessalonians 5:18). I’ll admit, I’ve paid a lot of lip service regarding this instruction over the years. A lot of reluctant, exasperated “Thank You Lords” have left my lips, but not connected to my heart, in my lifetime – not at all unlike my children when they have to say “yes ma’am,” and obey when they clearly don’t want to, or when they have to ask the forgiveness of a sibling they’re mad at. But this sharply changed for me when my dad, my father-in-law, was killed the October before last. The subject of giving thanks in all things came up at breakfast a couple of weeks ago with my kids, and I told them, “Did you know I thanked the Lord when Grandpa died?” That immediately got their attention – it sure got mine, when it happened. It was the day after he was killed (in a car accident, which my children witnessed), and I remember being alone for a few moments in the bedroom we were staying in, and I whisper-choked out the words, “Thank you, God, for taking my dad away.” I deeply loved my father-in-law, and never had much a father figure in my life before him, so saying those words lacerated a bit. A lot. But for the first time, I fully realized, and felt what saying those words really meant. In my obedience, what I was saying was, “I trust You, Lord. I trust Your plan.” I was streeeetching my faith with those words, and you know what? It really was stretched. My faith has deepened, it has become even more real, alive – a malleable work-in-progress, but rock-solid at the same time. For me (now), giving thanks is not an outward Pollyanna thing; it’s my way of trusting my Heavenly Father – even with dreary, gray, brown days – and deepening my faith, drawing ever closer to Him. It’s a daily stretching, tweaking, refining, molding, building, strengthening kinda thing that always points my head and heart toward Christ. Who knew giving thanks could be such a powerful tool – and weapon – we can literally use hourly, every single day. I didn’t! But am so thankful (heehee) I do now.

So. Giving thanks today for the little things – like a wonderful week in sunny Cali, and for some temporary drear (spring really is coming!), and for the farrrr bigger things: for the Love and Patience of my Lord and Savior, for my rare gem of a husband, and for the four, little, precious jewels of my life.

And for pink trenches.:)

Sunday Best Feb 19 2017 1a Sunday Best Feb 19 2017 2a Sunday Best Feb 19 2017 3a Sunday Best Feb 19 2017 4b Sunday Best Feb 19 2017 5a Sunday Best Feb 19 2017 6a Sunday Best Feb 19 2017 7a Sunday Best Feb 19 2017 8a We look like we’re starring in our own musical in that first photo! And if you’ve watched my Instagram stories, while we were down in Disney, you know we have some serious talent.;) I’m joking – we’re awful.

But I am dead serious about this pink trench. It was completely sold out, but is now back in stock (but selling fast – some sizes are already gone). Love it so much!!

Happy Hump Day to you!

xx -Carrie

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