Goodbye, Beautiful October

Happy November! This month is going to be so crazy-busy for us with our move, double birthdays, and family coming to stay with us for Thanksgiving!! So, there miiiight be a little bit of radio silence going on, here on zee ol’ blog. Hoping to get one more post up before the mayhem!

Currently wearing some of this season’s favorites: suspender/jumper dresses, men’s sweaters (I keep gravitating to the men’s sweater section!!), berets, and patent booties!! I looked at a bunch of patent pretties before deciding on these. I loved, loved, loved the ones by Rag & Bone, but was super excited to find these almost exact look-alikes for a quarter of the price…. they’re beautiful, and the leather is silky soft. Score!! I shopped several different options for you, below, too!

Green Striped October 1a Green Striped October 2a Green Striped October 3a Green Striped October 4a Green Striped October 5a Green Striped October 6a Green Striped October 7a Green Striped October 8a Green Striped October 10a Green Striped October 9a

Gonna miss those glorious leaves.

Goodbye, beautiful October! You were stunning as always….

xx -Carrie

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