Haberdashering Around

So, I’ve been on the hunt for a good panama hat for a while, now. For some reason, most of them fit super small, or have this weird, buldgy, bubble thing going on, on top. End result: not flattering.

Enter good ol’ Madewell…. Their panama hat is the product of a Biltmore collab. “Eric Lynes, the man currently at the helm of this almost-century-old Canadian haberdashery, might be the world’s foremost aficionado on gentlemen’s hats. (Seriously, ask him anything.) So it’s no surprise that when people go looking for an authentic old-school hat, this is where they end up.” (product description via Madewell).

They had me at haberdashery.

Blk Eyelet Dress 1b Blk Eyelet Dress 2a Blk Eyelet Dress 3a Blk Eyelet Dress 4a Blk Eyelet Dress 5a Blk Eyelet Dress 6a Blk Eyelet Dress 7a Blk Eyelet Dress 1a

Dress: Banana Republic | Denim Jacket: Gap | Panama Hat: Madewell | Mules: Madewell | Square Ring: Nashelle Designs | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Watch: The Horse | Fringe Bag: H&M

And did ya know that fringe bag is only $35? You are officially accessory-set for summer. You’re welcome. 😉

xx -Carrie

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