Happy National Stripes Day!

Oh my word. Blowing the thick dust off my blog, this morning! I feel sad when I can’t get to blogging, because I enjoy it so much, but it’s just one of very many things right now that has had to be put on the back burner. So much going on, I just can’t get to it all!! Ugh. And the month of April has me scared. Like, hiding-under-the-bed scared. I overbooked myself big time, so it’s my own fault, but still. I don’t wanna. I just want my banky, and for May to be here…..

Anyway, Happy National Stripes Day!! I had no idea until I shopped my sweater at J.Crew, just now for this post (good ol’ J.Crew! Creating fun holidays, like that!). So, instead of feeling wayyyy behind the power curve, I now feel so on top of it, ‘cuz not only am I wearing stripes, but I’m wearing J.Crew stripes. Uh-huh. Yeppp. Day Won.


Ferris Wheel Stripes 1a Ferris Wheel Stripes 2a Ferris Wheel Stripes 3a Ferris Wheel Stripes 4a

And my sweater is on sale! You can’t tell very well, but colors are soft red, and blush – the cutest.

Go win your day! Cheering for you!

xx -Carrie

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(rose gold “Tessa” studs by Gorjois)


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