Hardly Tied in a Neat Little Bow

Switching gears a little, and being even more open and honest with you, today. The past seven months have been tryyying, to say the very least. Our current living circumstances are not ideal by any means, and have certainly been challenging on many fronts, but we have tried, and are still trying very hard, to see the positive, and trust that God still wants us here. I think my blog posts tend to highlight and focus on the “happy,” and I am truly happy – my Heavenly Father, my husband, and my children are my truest joy – but it doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle. I struggle daily with our living situation. I crave our own space, our own home, our own time together as a family, and I know it will be a long time before we are able to get consistently nourished this way. And I feel like it’s already been a very long time!! So, I feel extremely weary right now…. Which I also know is the perfect environment for faith-stretching, and character-building. It’s the time to lean heavily on Christ, read His Word, die to self, let go, and let God lead. But it’s HARD to do all these things when feelings are hurt, and emotions are high, on top of all the weariness. So much weariness. The struggle is Real. And that’s where I am right now.

My life is hardly all hearts, and bows, and rosy-pink at the moment, but at least my outfit is.;)

Bows + Pink Hat 1a Bows + Pink Hat 2b Bows + Pink Hat 3a Bows + Pink Hat 4a Bows + Pink Hat 5a Bows + Pink Hat 6a Bows + Pink Hat 7a Bows + Pink Hat 8a

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I hope you have a blessed weekend! I am very much looking forward to ours – we’re getting away, and heading for the coast.:)

xx -Carrie

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  1. Steph

    June 2, 2016 - 1:01 pm

    Trying times don’t last forever. “Living the dream” that’s what my sister and I jokingly tell ourselves as we struggle to balance kids, work and the husband. Enjoy the kids and hang in there!
    Super sweet bow top by the way!!

    • Carrie

      June 3, 2016 - 6:02 am

      Amen!! And today is soooo much better than the last several – things are already looking up. :) Thanks so much for the encouragement, and Happy Weekend!! xx -Carrie

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