I Heart U

So, yesterday was our “weekend,” which meant Mama had to get some looks shot. Between the almost-rain, the actual rain, and my squirrely three-year-old, this shoot was a hoot! I included more photos than usual, because they kind of viewed like a moving picture, driven by a mighty Charlie force. 😉

Hope you enjoy the Charlie show!

I Heart U 1b I Heart U 2a I Heart U 3a I Heart U 4a I Heart U 5a I Heart U 6a I Heart U 7a I Heart U 8a I Heart U 9a I Heart U 10a I Heart U 11a I Heart U 12a I Heart U 13a I Heart U 14a

I’m pretttty smitten with that little fella under the “guh-bella” (as he says).

Cheers to cute stinkers, and to sweet smooches in the rain….


Mama x 4 + SMP Founder

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