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I’m fiiiinally getting around to posting photos from our heli tour of the Big Island, today! Two disclaimers, sort of. 1) I brought the wrong lens on our ride, so the shots aren’t amazing, but I hope it gives you a semi-idea as to the magnitude of the stunning beauty of Hawaii? 2) What I wore for our ride in the sky was the exact opposite of what you should wear. On the heli-tour website, it very specifically states not to wear white, or to wear hats (so as not to reflect in windows for better photo-taking). So, why did I wear ALL white and a nice, big-ish hat? Because my husband read the req’s, and didn’t tell me what they were until we were walking in the front door of the airport. Ha! But my denim jacket saved the day, and I just threw my hat into a locker – all heli good.;)

Here’s my inappropriate outfit.

Heli Good Overalls 1a Heli Good Overalls 1b Heli Good Overalls 2a Heli Good Overalls 3a Heli Good Overalls 4b Heli Good Overalls 5a Heli Good Overalls 6a

Overalls | Tank | Jacket | Similar Tote | Sandals | Similar Hat | Sunnies | Necklace

I felt cute, anyway! I shopped overall shorts for you, below. And if you keep scrolling, you can see my very poor attempt at trying to capture the magnificent beauty of Hawaii….


xx -Carrie

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Hawaiian Heli Ride

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    • Carrie

      May 31, 2016 - 5:48 pm

      Heehee! Thank you! :) xx -Carrie

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