Hi there, Hi-waist.

Lemme tell you a short story: summer is here, high-waisted shorts are where it’s at. Need I say more?

It’s going to be a good summer, and I say this with full confidence. Honestly, I can say this every summer because I have never had a bad one. People have bad seasons; bad winters, bad hair, bad outfits, but really, is anything wrong in the summer? Probably not. The only thing you can do wrong in the summer is deprive your legs of sweet sunshine. Bust out the shorts, and give your gams some sun!

Over the years, I’ve amassed quite the collection of shorts, and my favorites are my two pairs of high-waisted shorts. They are the perfect fit for a girl with a small waist, but um, Beyonce-like hips. Everything balances out with a high-waist! I’ve spoken before about my move to NYC (almost a year ago, now – WHAT!), and I just discovered that all of my beloved bottoms were lost in transit. I’m choosing to believe that my summer faves will come back to me, but in the meantime, I needed to invest in at least one pair to get me through while the search plows on. (Don’t worry, ladies, the #30daychallenge is over and I’m proud to say I went ONE MONTH without buying anything new!) SO, this little catastrophe came in the nick of time, am I right?

Yesterday was a beautiful sun-soaked Tuesday; Ryan and I set out on the lovely Upper West Side in search of a new neighborhood, and we wandered right onto Columbia’s campus. That golden sun lit up the green, making a perfect set for my blue shorts and tank.

columbia_249 copy columbia_257 columbia_268

columbia_315 copy columbia_302 copy


Tank – Michael Stars. Shorts – Kate Spade Saturday. Hat – Nordstrom. Sandals – Sam Edelman. Bag – Alexander Wang. Necklaces – old, but love these guys!

I think I’m pretty sure I have the best Summer Blues… now let’s go outside.

TGIS (Thank Goodness It’s Summer)!

– Haley










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