Hungry Cow

I hope you had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving, yesterday – we sure did! So many littles, so much happy, delicious noise, and food! I ate ev-er-y-thing four times. I still feel stuffed! But ya know who wasn’t? This cow. We shot this before the nordic blast hit us (if you follow me on Instagram, you know we got a couple of feet of snow in ONE day, just before Thanksgiving!), so these photos look so strange, and green, and warm to me, now – ha!

I included some blooper-ish outtakes of one of our cows tryin’ to steal the show (and succeeding).

Hungry Cow 1a Hungry Cow 2a Hungry Cow 3a Hungry Cow 4b Hungry Cow 5a Hungry Cow 6a Hungry Cow 7a Hungry Cow 8a Hungry Cow 9a Hungry Cow 10a Hungry Cow 11b Hungry Cow 12a Hungry Cow 13a Hungry Cow 14a Hungry Cow 15a

T-neck Sweater: Banana Republic | Denim Dress: Gap | Shearling Denim Jacket: Loft | Yummy Bag: Banana Republic (similar) | Sunnies: American Eagle | OTK Boots: Dolce Vita

How cute is that cow?? And who knew Banana Republic bags were so tasty? 😉

Happy Black Friday, all, and happy weekend!

xx -Carrie

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