Ice Dream Date

I recently went on a little ice cream date with my 6-year-old son, and I can’t tell you how unbelievably sweet the whole experience was! It expanded far beyond the 45 minutes of precious, one-on-one time (and in our crazy, 4-kiddo fam, one-on-one time is Holy Grail sacred). In the days leading up to it, he kept asking where were we going to go, what were we going to do, what was I going to wear, and could I wear a sparkly gown? During the date, he talked about a lot of things, but mainly, where he’d like to take me on our next date (Pirate Park + pizza parlor), and ever since our date, he’s talked about almost nothing but our date. As I was putting this post together, he hugged my arm and said, “I just love seeing pictures of us together. They’re my favorite.” I mean…. Swoon.

All that to say, this date thing is definitely going to happen a lot more around here. I’ve been wanting to start doing dates again with my kiddos for quite some time, but scheduling time, finding a babysitter, etc… always seemed to quickly squelch the idea. What I’ve recently discovered, that easily works for us, is what I did with my son. Our family often takes little day trips to different towns on the weekend, where we spend all day together as a family, and during that time, I, or my husband, can take a kiddo for a little “date,” while the rest of us walk around, or play nearby. In this case, we all went out for ice cream, but my son and I got our own table – it was perfect! So easy to manage, and so meaningful for both of us. Like I said, we’re definitely going to do this a lot more!

Here are some snaps from our date (it’s not a gown, but I tried to wear a little sparkle for my guy).

Ice Dream Date 1a Ice Dream Date 2a Ice Dream Date 3a Ice Dream Date 4a Ice Dream Date 6a Ice Dream Date 8a Ice Dream Date 9aIce Dream Date 10b Ice Dream Date 11aIce Dream Date 12b Ice Dream Date 13a

Shop My Look

I got my blazer on major sale (sale-priced ones are all sold out, but the regular-priced ones, below, are not at all – not sure why it says that?), so I shopped some less-spendy options in another shopping-scroll, below this one.

Did I mention that my son picked out, and convinced my husband to buy the shoes I’m wearing for my birthday?! He totally got two scoops. 😉


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I shopped more blazer, sandal, and fun, pink clutch options, below (that winking one by Kate Spade!!). Just scroll right – all clutches are available in pink, and all sandals are available in black, even though some are pictured in other colors.

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