Keep Calm + Pom Pom On

Okay, so I don’t think the fluffy thingys on my hat are exactly poms, but they remind me of them, and are just as fun as them, so just go with me on this, please? Poms are everywhere! And for good reason – they’re that fun friend that brings the party with her, and makes you snort-laugh. Snapchat is not my snort-laugh friend, right now. My apologies to those of you that have followed me, so far! I have changed the settings, so that “everyone” can view my snaps, but I read that if you change your settings after you post something, it might not take effect until your next snap…? Oh, snap. So, I’ll try to snap something today, and you can tell me if it works, pretty please? You should have seen me and my husband texting about it (he’s out-of-town right now). He’s new to Snapchat, too, and actually worse at social media than I am (I’m finally better at something than he is!!), so our text convo was pretty comical – maybe even snort-laugh comical. He’s my pom friend.;) Shopped a bunch of pom pretties that could be your new, fun friends, too-ooo….:)

Pink Pom Hat 1a Pink Pom Hat 2b Pink Pom Hat 3a Pink Pom Hat 4b Pink Pom Hat 5a Pink Pom Hat 6a Pink Pom Hat 7a Pink Pom Hat 8a

Keep calm, and pom pom on, Loves.

xx -Carrie

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