La La Land

I confess. I’ve never even seen a preview for La La Land, but I reallllly want to see it ‘cuz I have a small crush on both what’s-his-face and what’s-her-name? Gah, I’m so out of touch with the glitz world. Lame. But seriously, the guy that’s on all those hilarious “Hey, Girl” thingys, and they starred together in…. Stupid Crazy Love, or whatever. WHAT ARE THEIR NAMES?? I do really and truly love them, and am not googling them because you don’t google crushes. It’ll come to me. Wait. Are they even in this movie?? Someone help me. I vaguely remember seeing them dance together on a stage, and thought, aw, cute! I need to see that! But I have no idea where I saw it, because I haven’t watched TV in a couple of years….

So ANYway, as we were walking past this theater, I totally wished for a sec that our kids were magically being babysat (sitted? That is such a weird term, btw!), and that my husband and I could have a proper date seeing my movie star crushes (whatever their names are) dance across the cutest silver screen, very near the actual La La Land….! I mean, how perfect would that have been?! So close, so close. Donkey and carrot thing. Sigh.

It was a really fun evening, anyway! And this demented donkey wore what have become some wardrobe faaaavorites. I mean every single piece. Loving and wearing over and over.

La La Land 1a La La Land 2bLa La Land 3a La La Land 4a

I’m genuinely frightened what my mind will be like when I’m 70. My poor husband!!

xx -Carrie

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  1. Vicki Kitzmiller

    March 20, 2017 - 8:18 pm

    You had me laughing, I so enjoy your blog

    • Carrie

      March 22, 2017 - 6:59 am

      Aww, you’re so sweet to say that! I’m so glad you do! You just made my day :) xx -Carrie

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