Let's Date…. All Day + Night

We’ve now reached the middle of wedding season, and we’ve been busy little styling bees over here at Style Me Perfect, styling clients for bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, indoor/outdoor weddings, etc…. but lately, we’ve also been called upon to help clients get ready for a different kind of big day – a sequence of big days, really, that precede, and can (hopefully) lead, to the official Big Day…. We’re talking about Dates! Dating – especially first dates – can be a little nerve-wracking. What should you wear??!! There are nuuuumerous dating scenarios out there (have you seen the Bachelor/Bachelorette?), and we are here to help you nail a perfect look for any type of date you might have coming up.

Dates aren’t just for evenings, ladies. A trend we’ve been seeing lately, is the “All-Day” date (it means he reallly likes you!) – meaning, a day-to-night look is in order. For these types of dates, it can be a little tricky to know what will translate well from a picnic at the park, to a fun, easy bike ride, to a romantic dinner out. No worries! We gotcha covered.

Day-to-Night Date Look

Guys looove to see a girl that’s not afraid to show her casual, low-maintenance side. The easy-breeziness of the linen tee (that Madewell tee is perfection, by the way – it has a perfect, easy drape and fit), paired with the casual, slip-on sneaks, and the simple pendant, tells your guy you know how to have fun in a real, effortless way, but still look chic and put together. The sleeveless vest keeps the look polished, but feel free to toss it into the car until evening if you want. When it’s time for dinner, let’s make him do a double-take. Add a few bangles, a simple, bright pout, and some killer-sexy heels. It’s a simple, easy transition that will literally take less than five minutes, but these little changes will definitely make a dramatic impact on your guy. Promise.

We hope this lends some inspiration for your upcoming date day/night! If you need some styling help, and would love a new look shopped for you, or want to be styled using your existing wardrobe, our stylists are experts at this! And they can do all this for you completely online – no appointments or scheduling needed. Just select the subscription or package that’s perfect for you right here, fill-in your details via your SMP profile, and let your stylist take it from there!

Have a stylish day, beautiful ladies!


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