LFW + PFW, a Quick Review

Just because Fashion Week has now migrated to international waters doesn’t mean that we aren’t still watching the shows. Quite the contrary! Now I know it’s Sunday and you’re not looking to do research, so I took the liberty of doing it for you, sweet readers. Let me take you through my top 3 picks, thus far from London and Paris Fashion Week. Just three of the best shows and then you’re free to Football watch, Apple Pick or do whatever else it is you do on Sundays.

Let’s begin –

London – Whistles


I don’t know much about Whistles, but one of my favorite style bloggers attended the show in London and has since been posting tons of Instagrams featuring clothing and shoes from Whistles It’s all been looking so good so I did a little delving. Whistles is unassuming, which in the fashion world is code for cool. That’s exactly how I thought the show looked. Oversized tees, thin midi dresses with slithering cutouts, tassels and fringe in wide leg pants and crop tops. All the while the models looked totally unaware or caring of the fact that they looked MAJ. British downtown chic? Come to mama!

Paris – Isabel Marant


It’s not much of a secret that I’m enamored with an edgy vibe, but in pretty way. Therefore, it shouldn’t be much of a secret that I’m enamored with Isabel Marant, whose line absolutely embodies that Parisian edge and beauty. Marant’s line for Spring was supposedly inspired by “African Tribal Art” but I actually found it to be a bit Roman-Grecco feeling. Short, pleated skirts, bold patterns, and warm berry hues make spring look purely like a Summer’s Eve. Also, it was nice to know that my gladiator sandals are still in Vogue for the upcoming season. My favorite was Marant’s take on the LBD with a black and white pattern; I may start saving my pennies so that I can snag this bad little number come Spring.

Paris – Lanvin


Drenched in history and tradition, the 125th Anniversary of this Parisian house brings a line that absolutely celebrates the WOMAN. This line of thinking isn’t too surprising though, as it’s a known fact that House Designer Alber Elbaz absolutely adores the woman and all the many shapes we girls come in. Thank you, couture-world, for accepting the size six in this one instance. Elbaz knocked Spring 2015 right out of the Parisian Park. Saturated hues, flowing silks, and draping gowns with a slouchy leather belt wrapping around the waist. His models looked proud and strong on the runway wearing his designs and something tells me those emotions were feigned. You see, when you’re wearing a piece that was designed for the essence of who you are, it’s difficult to not be ecstatic.

How bout this week, we all wear something that embodies the essence of who we are? That’s my Sunday challenge for you.

xo – Haley


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