Li’l Pom & ‘Stance

Oh my. I know I’m super behind on life when I’m finally posting my two-Sundays-ago looks (we were home sick this past Sunday)…. And the holidays have not even started, yet! Oh well, doing my best and chuggin’ along, here. So, my favorite part about my look is the pom-pom shoes, of course. When I was standing in the Sunday school line to drop off my kids, a little 3 or 4-year-old girl in front of me turned around and stared at my shoes, and then looked up at my face and said quietly, without smiling, “I weelly wike youwah shoes.” Ha! My youngest likes them a lot, too, as you’ll see….;) My dress is sold out, but I shopped some wonderful, burgundy lace numbers for ya, below!

sunday-best-nov-6-2016-1a sunday-best-nov-6-2016-2b sunday-best-nov-6-2016-3a sunday-best-nov-6-2016-4a sunday-best-nov-6-2016-5a sunday-best-nov-6-2016-6b

Have a weelly gweat day!:)

xx -Carrie

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