Little Rough Drafts

Thank you so much for all your encouraging, and supportive words you shared with me about my post, yesterday! It truly means so much. I didn’t know I was going to write about that – I’m always surprising myself.;) When I sit down to write my blogs in the morning, I very rarely know what I’m going to write about, and only have about 10 minutes to bash it out. I just start typing about whatever pops into my head, as was the case yesterday. My “finished products” always read like rough drafts. There’s always so much more than my quick typing sessions afford – more to the story, more (much, much more) well-rounded thoughts, and prettier words that could, and should, be used to tell my stories more effectively, but…. If I took the time to do all that, at this point in my life, I honestly wouldn’t have time to do it at all. So, thank you for taking the time to read little rough drafts of my life, and for being so gracious about them. We’re all kind of rough draft versions of ourselves, right? At least, I hope so! Constantly refining our character, rounding those sharp edges of self, deepening our knowledge, and gaining priceless insight, and wisdom through our experiences, by the Grace of God…. We’re just one, big, beautiful work-in-progress.:)

Amen to that.

And can I get a fashion amen for ball skirts with amazing prints?? They’re hard to find – a lot of the prints out there for maxis and ball skirts are…. not good. Had fun mixing prints with this one from J.Crew (which is sadly sold out, but I shopped some other fun finds for you, below).

Gingham + Floral 1b Gingham + Floral 3a Gingham + Floral 2aGingham + Floral 4a Gingham + Floral 5b Gingham Prints 9a Gingham + Floral 12a Gingham + Floral 13b Gingham + Floral 14b

Gingham Top: Madewell | Ball Skirt: J.Crew (sold out) | Sun Hat: Peter Grimm | Sandals: Madewell | Box Bag: Sophie Hulme | Cheek + Lip Stick: Anthropologie

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Beautiful!

xx -Carrie

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