Loafin' Around

While “Loafin’ Around” is no where near an apt description of how I live my life these days (hoping it could sometimes apply when my kids are in college, though), it’s a cute title for this post, ’cause we’re talkin’ loafers, today.

I told you I’d have more for you on this shoe subject in my oxford post last week! Loafers are kind of a big deal this fall/winter, and they come in all different kinds of styles: classic, funky, edgy, mod – there’s something to suit every personality. I shopped a bunch, below, so get excited. :)

Flatform Loafers 1a Flatform Loafers 2b Flatform Loafers 3a Flatform Loafers 4a Flatform Loafers 5a Flatform Loafers 6a Flatform Loafers 7a

Pocket Shirt: Banana Republic | Boyfriend Jeans: Banana Republic | Jacket: Steve Madden (old – similar) | Hat: F21 | Scarf: Urban Outfitters | Watch: The Horse | Fringe Bag: Mari Lassa | Flatform Loafers: F21

Even if we can’t exactly loaf around in ’em, cheers to them making us look and feel good, at least! 😉

xx -Carrie

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