Love Conquers All?

“Love not hate.” That’s the hashtag I keep seeing associated with addressing the horrors of Nice, yesterday. That’s what I see every time I see anything addressing any type of terrorist attack, and I always wonder…. what do you mean by that, exactly? Do you mean the terrorist should choose love over hate? Do you mean, if the world in general chose love over hate, there wouldn’t be terrorist attacks? Given the nature and intent of terrorists, either case sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it? It sounds nice, but it’s void of meaning or purpose – typical of fluffy, blanket statements. I like specifics. I like words to have meaning and intent. Instead of “praying for Nice” (other popular verbiage), how about we pray specifically for the victims’ families, the people of France that must be reeling, and feeling immense fear, just living day-to-day, given the chain of terrorist atrocities that have occurred there, this past year. How about we pray hard, that God would convert and radically change evil – pure evil – hearts, because that would be the only way to truly end terrorist attacks. I’m 200% for love and kindness. I do believe we should love our enemies, as Christ has called us to do, but I also know this will do nothing to hinder terrorist attacks – only God can change wicked hearts, and we can only pray fervently for this.

Sorry to get so preachy and tangenty. It just irks me to my core when horrific events are treated with such band-wagony, lukewarm, flimsy responses – no matter how well-meaning the intent. Just needed to say my piece….

This look was shot well before last night, but I think it fitting for today.

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Praying with a heavy heart.



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  1. Sarah

    July 17, 2016 - 5:14 am

    I appreciate your thoughts on this and agree whole-heartedly. Oversimplifying solutions/remedies or bumper-sticker trite phrases about massive issues worries me. It is dangerously minimizing and Frankly makes me nervous that progress will never be made if Terrorism is approached “Pollyanna-like”. Being flippant and head-in-the-sand hasn’t worked so far has it? I don’t find you preachy-I take your comments as constructive and realistic. Deeper thought, thoughtful prayer is always good.

    • Carrie

      July 23, 2016 - 8:22 am

      Oh, phew! I have to write and post so quickly, I often wonder if what I write even makes sense? Thank you so much for that encouragement! And I am right there with ya…. It is worrisome, indeed… xx -Carrie

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