Lunch Date in Lilla P

Gooood morning! April is here, and has started off just fine, so far! Praying I can keep pace for this marathon month…. Eeesh! Lots going on.

So, my oldest is nine, and she’s at the age where she looooves hanging out with me, trying on my clothes, chatting about girly stuff and horses, and going on mama-daughter dates. I know this will likely change in the not-so-distant future (I’m hoping hard it doesn’t!!), so I’m soaking up every, single second I get with her. These days are precious! I’ve been having those Subaru commercial moments lately, where I watch her explaining a bunch of sophisticated terminology about something science-related, or give a long, astonishingly accurate oratory on world history, but I clearly see her as that bright-eyed, spunky, talkative toddler with spiky pigtails, holding my “swasses” (sunglasses) hostage. I know everyone says it all the time, but I’m constantly astounded at how fast it all goes.

Holding on to these moments…..

Lilla P Lunch 1a Lilla P Lunch 2a Lilla P Lunch 3a Lilla P Lunch 4a Lilla P Lunch 5a Lilla P Lunch 7a Lilla P Lunch 8a

And holding on tight.

xx -Carrie

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