Mama Wednesday: Family Costume Ideas + Fall Fun

I still can’t believe it’s October, and we’re already past a week into it! This past Sunday, we celebrated Family Day at my husband’s work, where our kiddos get to dress up in their costumes, play games, pet animals, trick-or-treat, and bounce their sugar-high off in an assortment of bouncy castles. Family Day is always held in the wee days of October, which is the ONLY reason why I already have my kids’ Halloween costumes. I’m definitely not that cool, well-organized mom that has everything prepped, planned, and monogrammed weeks in advance. And I’m most definitely not one of those Pinteresty-type moms that hand-crafts her children’s costumes made with only organic materials. No, indeed. I’m very much a “‘Crap! That’s Next Week?!,’ Click a Few Times on Amazon, and a Bunch of Polyester from China Arrives on My Doorstep Two Days Later” kind of mom. Not proud of it, but jusssst need to be clear on that.

Halloween is still over three weeks away (no need to stress), so there is plennnty of time to costume shop – even for non-Amazon-Prime members. All that to say, I thought I’d take our traditional “Mama” day post, to show you some silly, fun things I’ve done with my kiddos the past few years to maybe lend some inspiration, or entertain you a tiny bit, at the very least. So, here’s a little trip down October lane with my little fam…

Baby Punkin in a Punkin

It’s a tradition in our family to do this, so this was our third attempt. It was tricky because she was definitely our chubbiest….

Costume Post 11 Costume Post 10

A Pooh Family

My “Roo” sign was suddenly thought of, and slapped together, as we were heading out the door. So not Pinteresty, or well-planned. But I made it work, kind of.

Costume Post 8

An Aquatic Ariel Story

This theme was rock-solid picked by Ariel herself, which is ironic, because she ended up hating her costume (the wig was tooooo itchy). The lobster was pretty happy, though!

Costume Post 6Costume Post 7

Our Final Baby Punkin in a Punkin


Costume Post 5

Little Bo Peep and her Sheep

My favorite forever and always.

Costume Post 4 Costume Post 3 Costume Post 2 Costume Post 1

My Circus

This year was a no-brainer, really.

Circus Costume 4Circus Costume 3Circus Costume 2Circus Costume 1Circus Costume G JCircus Costume groupCircus Costume CCircus Costume G

Thanks so much for indulging me with my mostly-iPhone photography, and proud/obnoxious mama antics! I hope you have a wonderful October, filled with fun, organic-or-polyester memories with your beautiful families!


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