Marsala Makeup: Color of the Year 2015

We posted a “Marsala” style post last week, incorporating the Pantone Color of the Year 2015 into a look, and I thought it fitting to do a beauty post, as well! In case you missed it, here is the new It Girl shade:

Pantone Marsala 1Pantone Marsala 3

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Such a lovely, warm, rich shade, right? This post is all about lending some inspiration on how to incorporate this hue into your beauty routine, and showing you some amazing Marsala-hued products to try, if you like.

Scroll, shop, and prepare to be Marsala-inpsired….

Marsala Lips


Pantone_Color_of_the_Year_Marsala_Story_Two_Image3marsala cover

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marsala lip A

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 Shop Marsala Lips

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Marsala Lips




Marsala Eyes + Cheeks

Eyeshadow Inspo

marsala eyeshadow A

Eyeliner Inspo

marsala eyeliner A

Blush Inspo

marsala blush A

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Marsala Eyes + Cheeks



Marsala Mani

Marsala 4aSparkle + Shine 4a


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Marsala Mani


Here’s a little color pairing guide, just for fun :) It’s by no means exhaustive! In the fall, this shade will work beautifully with dark, chocolate browns (think leather), and lovely, warm, plum hues (think texture), but for now, the color pairings below are just some to get ya started….

Marsala is friends with light, warm, earthy shades, but it also easily pairs, and is quite striking, with cooler tones, as well.

Marsala Color Pairing Inspo

Marsala Color Pairings



Manic for Marsala, yet? It’s such a lovely color! And is an especially gorgeous, striking accent hue, easily incorporated in makeup + nails. We hope this post gets you inspired! If you need help finding other beauty products, or would like direct help from a professional makeup artist or hair stylist, click here to request one of our Beauty Stylists.

Happy Marsala Monday to you! 😉


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