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Hiiiii! My apologies for my MIA status, as of late. Life has been wonderfully full, and I’ve had to shelve some things, like blogging n’ ‘gramming, to make time for it all. My mom came to stay with us for a month, and I can’t believe how fast it flew by! We took her to the airport, yesterday, and wiped away lots of tears. It was such a blessing having her here, showing her our town, celebrating our oldest’s 10th birthday, and getting to share the experience of the big “horse and pony” surprise! Having her help out on our new farm, witnessing, in awe and complete fascination, an almost total eclipse with her by our side, and being a true part of our family, was everything to us, really. It was a wonder-FULL month.

One of the more memorable evenings, was going to the County Fair. Seeing the kids’ faces on the rides was priceless!! Even though I have zero pictures of it (too dark), the memory of my children dancing in the lights to good ol’ fashioned songs, and seeing my mom’s face light up when her favorite song was played, will live on, and on, as a favorite of mine. Well that, and seeing Nana try to paddle around the wings of her giant swan float, down the Deschutes with us, is pretty high up there, too. 😉

Here are some snaps from a very memorable evening at the County Fair….

County Fair 1a County Fair 2a County Fair 3a County Fair 4a County Fair 5a County Fair 6a County Fair 7a County Fair 8a County Fair 19aIMG_7660County Fair 10a County Fair 11a IMG_7679IMG_7680County Fair 20aIMG_7678IMG_7677IMG_7676IMG_7658  IMG_7675IMG_7681 Until next year, County Fair….

xx -Carrie

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