Merry, Merry

Goooood, merry morning! It’s snowing like crazy here, right now, which somehow makes my mind and body think it’s on holiday. Instead of jet-streaming to my coffee, I snuggled with my sleepy youngest on the couch (who was a big, yummy ball of fur blanket), and then played a raucoussy game of foosball with my older two (I won one, lost the other. Barely.), and even helped my overachieving third-born with today’s schoolwork, which she began as soon as she woke up (she wants lots of snow time, today). I really love this. Taking it slower, sipping my coffee, and just…. enjoying. Before all the busy, busy takes over. I’m going to mindfully try doing this everyday – you know, like in that movie About Time?? I cry, I mean ugly cry, every time I watch it – it’s the best movie ever!! Living life like a “second go ’round” each day is such a great, daily perspective to have, and one I don’t always successfully achieve, but I love the reminders…. Like lots of snow falling, and ridiculously good movies.:)

Here’s my favorite, merry crew and I, after church this past Sunday.

sunday-best-dec-11-2016-1a sunday-best-dec-11-2016-3a sunday-best-dec-11-2016-4a sunday-best-dec-11-2016-5a sunday-best-dec-11-2016-6a sunday-best-dec-11-2016-8a sunday-best-dec-11-2016-9a sunday-best-dec-11-2016-10a sunday-best-dec-11-2016-11a sunday-best-dec-11-2016-12a

Enjoy your day, enjoy your Loves.

xx -Carrie

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