Milan Fashion Week Spring 2015: Valentino + Versace

You are in for some serious eye candy, today! Since we’ve covered all the major trends and details for spring in our Spring 2015 Style Guide, this post is just meant to give you a delish taste of Milan, so I decided to cover the Big Guns: Valentino + Versace (duh). You can certainly see how the top trends for spring are echoing down these two Italian runways, but this post is mainly for your viewing pleasure. Behold the beauty of Milan in all its sumptuous details…. Buon Appetito!


Valentino SS15 1Valentino SS15 2Valentino SS15 3Valentino SS15 4Valentino SS15 5Valentino SS15 6Valentino SS15 7Valentino SS15 8Valentino SS15 9Valentino SS15 10Valentino SS15 11Valentino SS15 12Valentino SS15 13Valentino SS15 14Valentino SS15 15Valentino SS15 16Valentino SS15 17Valentino SS15 18Valentino SS15 19Valentino SS15 20Valentino SS15 23Valentino SS15 24Valentino SS15 25Valentino SS15 26Valentino SS15 27Valentino SS15 28Valentino SS15 29Valentino SS15 30Valentino SS15 31Valentino SS15 32Valentino SS15 33Valentino SS15 34Valentino SS15 35Valentino SS15 36

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Bohemian has never looked so stunning and glam! I feel so incredibly inspired by this collection, and hope you do, too!

So, we move from soft, romantic, exquisite, old-world Valentino, to streamlined, sleek, and ultra-mod Versace. Again, this collection is allll about the details.


Versace SS15 1Versace SS15 2Versace SS15 3Versace SS15 4Versace SS15 5Versace SS15 6Versace SS15 7Versace SS15 8Versace SS15 9Versace SS15 10Versace SS15 11Versace SS15 12Versace SS15 13Versace SS15 14Versace SS15 15Versace SS15 16Versace SS15 17Versace SS15 18Versace SS15 19Versace SS15 20Versace SS15 21Versace SS15 22Versace SS15 23Versace SS15 24Versace SS15 25Versace SS15 26Versace SS15 27Versace SS15 29Versace SS15 30

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Those bags! Those shoes! Those grommets! This just might be the best grommet story I’ve ever seen. Lurrrrve. It. All.

So, there you have it. The most sumptuous, decadent tastes of Milan (in my opinion), with zero calories.

You’re welcome.


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