Monochromatic: Haley's Take

Monochromatic looks are seriously one of the most revered, yet feared, of the outfits. Unless, of course, we are dealing in black, and then it’s a cake walk.

The denim on denim look, first made infamous by the lovable Jay Leno, is now a trend that all bloggers love to tackle. I’ll be honest in saying that in college, it was all of my best friends’ go-to look. Not at all uncommon to roll into “Intro to PR” and see approx. 3 girls in a denim/chambray top and bottom combo. Just make sure your shades of jean don’t quite match and you’re ready to roll. Black and denim – I concede! You both are revered for your power and ease in the monochrome world.

But what about other colors?

Can you do like the  crew (J) and go full-on vermillion while still holding your head high in the office? My first go at this look had me legitimately looking like a moon-walker. Once I played with my shades of white (and this is key!), I landed on a look that was not quite so Zenon, girl of the 21st century, and a little more Haley, girl of the upper east side.


monochromatic_452  monochromatic_455monochromatic_463


Top – Zoa (old, try this). Jeans – JBrand (similar by Paige). Sandals  – Sam Edelman. Bag – Alexander Wang. Necklace – Vintage (similar). Earrings – Ellen Hays.

Digging the monochrome look, it’s all white in my book.*

– Haley *Had to! 😉


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