My Li’l Goslings

So, we have these geese on our farm that my whole family is kind of obsessed with. We had seven goslings on our farm last spring, and we watched them grow, and waddle around together, even after they became adults! And this spring we have three families! We think some of them might be siblings from last year’s fam? It’s the cutest thing – two sets of the adults all hang out together with their babies. The mama naps in the grass, while the papa keeps watch, and the babies peck all around them, and flop over each other. Both families will take a swim in the pond together for a little while, and then they’ll take separate strolls along the driveway, and then all congregate again in a grassy patch to play together. They do versions of this all day, every day! They’re never more than a few yards apart. I hope my babies are like this – tucked in close to home, and sharing, and enjoying their lives and families together, as they grow older. Their relationships are so special and so strong – I love watching them play, and interact, and support each other! My heart just about exploded when I watched my six-year-old scoop up her little brother into a huge victory hug every time he scored for their soccer team in every game, this season. I meannnn…. That’s what it’s all about. Not gonna find life-cheerleaders built into your life’s network anywhere else in this world!

These are the foundational years, the years that count, the years, I pray, that’ll anchor and buoy their relationships for a lifetime.

Easter Sunday 2017 1a Easter Sunday 2017 2a Easter Sunday 2017 3a Easter Sunday 2017 4a Easter Sunday 2017 5a

Crazy-love these li’l goslings o’ mine!

xx -Carrie

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