Nashville Nights

So, my husband and I took a quick work trip to Nashville, last week, and despite it being for work, it was so fun! My favorite part about any trip (when it’s just the two of us), is the flights. We fly with our ipad fully stocked with fresh movies, or TV series (The Man in the High Castle! Amazing storyline, and exceptional cast), fully charged headphones, and then raid airport shops for major vegging out. It’s theeee best. Putting that ol’ armrest up, makes for a good snuggle sesh during our marathon movie date, too. Happy sigh…. As I said, it was a quick trip, and we mostly just had some short evenings to explore the city, but we made the most of it! Here’s what I wore one of the evenings we went oot-and-aboot in downtown Nashville.

Nashville Nights 1a Nashville Nights 2a Nashville Nights 3a Nashville Nights 4a Nashville Nights 5a Nashville Nights 6b

Would love to go back, and spend a little more time here – we really loved this city!

xx -Carrie

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