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Woke up an hour early this morning from the absolute worst nightmare. In my dream, my husband told me we lost all our children in a car accident, along with my sister-in-law, and all of her children. I woke up immediately, and couldn’t breathe properly for a solid hour – my chest still feels sore from it. Just spent that time praying to my Father, and quoting my favorite scripture verses until it was time to get up (Phil 4:6-7 was definitely in there). Hugged my babies extra long when they woke up, that’s for sure!! Aaand I totally softened my resolve to throw all their Valentine gifts away because of the gigantic mess they made with them, yesterday…. So, they’re all kinda thankful I had the nightmare. HA!

I’m super late posting our Sunday Best from last week, but better late than never, right?? Something new you need to know: Jemma Lou Jewelry now makes belts!! And I freaking loooooove them (see below).

Sunday Best Feb 5 2017 1a Sunday Best Feb 5 2017 2a Sunday Best Feb 5 2017 3a

So fun and pretty, right?! I have more Jemma Lou comin’ your way….! Check out my talented friend’s other pretties, and shop her Instagram here. So, so good.

xx -Carrie

Stylist + Mum x 4

Wearing J.Crew “Tippi” sweater, but earrings and skirt are no longer available at J.Crew (bought last spring).

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