New Neutrals

Say hello to my new neutrals. I’m talking pinks + tans all the way…. This color combo is pretty huge for fall, so I’m test driving it now, and lo-ovin’ it!:) I linked this top (still in stock), and my favorite shorts (back in stock, and on sale!), and some of my favorite rose gold necklaces from Gorjois, below, but the rest are linked in the regular slider.

Now, some of you have mentioned that you feel uncertain how to wear rose gold, and I’m telling you it’s hands-down my favorite metal to wear, right now. It pairs with gold and silver like a dream (the chain on my bag, and the accents on my sunnies are gold), and adds a warmth and glow that other metals just don’t. She’s somethin’ special, that Rosie gal, so don’t be sceered to wear her.;) Plus, with pinks and florals proving to be such huge trends for fall/winter, she’s the perfect complement. ‘Nuff said.

Blush + Tan 1a Blush + Tan 2a Blush + Tan 3a Blush + Tan 4a Blush + Tan 5a Blush + Tan 6a Blush + Tan 7a Blush + Tan 8a

Like my new sandals? They might be knotty, but they’re so buttery-soft and sweet on my feet (sorry, couldn’t help it).;)

xx -Carrie

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