New Parenthood Phase = New Kind of Vacay

We have officially entered a new phase of parenthood. Ever since we had our first kiddo – mmm, maybe second, actually – every getaway, or vacay my husband and I were able to take, alone, was spent sleeping/not moving/not doing a single thing other than not moving. If it was a staycay, we holed up in our hotel room with room service, and rented movies, and literally did not move. If it was a beachcay, we plunked ourselves under a cabana, ordered food and drinks from there, and literally did not move. Up until last year, we marveled, and felt slightly nauseous, watching people do stuff on their vacays. How did they have the energy to hike? To paddleboard? To freaking put on a wetsuit? I now know that it’s because they either had zero children, or their youngest child was three, or older. Or they’re super-human. I always sensed that when our youngest turned three, our lives would change, and I was so right. We’re still just as busy, but we’re busy doing stuff now, not just trying to stay alive, and semi-clean.

We traveled a lot last year (and a little this year) with the kids, but this was the first, real vacay my husband and I have taken together since this major shift in our parenthood happened. And it was so cool! I couldn’t believe how much we wanted to do, and did!! And we didn’t poop out, or feel exhausted at all afterwards!! Sure we still had our cabana time, and ordered food and drinks and stuff, but we usually did that after spending a morning exploring, or snorkeling.

Which brings me to…. My all-time favorite snorkeling experience. It was a little bit of a hike (which wasn’t a problem, because our youngest is 4 now ;), but so worth it. We…. wait for it…. got to swim with a giant sea turtle!!!!! It was so amazing!!!! And we have zero photos of it because we don’t have a fancy underwater camera, but we snapped some before and after our perfect snorkeling day in Waikoloa.

Now, this new phase of parenthood, meant Mama needed a new, active, swim wardrobe. Enter my heroes from stage right: The Swim Tee + The Board Short. Even if you’re a bronzed goddess, being outside in the sun/water all day is never good for your skin, and sunscreen can only do so much, so swim tees are the perfect solution. If you’ve got some walkin’ to pair with your swimmin’/skiin’/kayakin’/paddle-boardin’, then board shorts will be your best friend. (I wore mine all day at a recent trip to the water park with the kids – Love. Them.) Both are light-weight, and dry fast. Shopped some mighty fine swim tee + board short options for ya, below!

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If you’re in the 3-and-under phase, you just soak up your cabana, and room service time, Love, and know that your time for doin’ stuff will come – sooner than you might think. Hang in there, Mama!

Cheers to you.

xx -Carrie

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