This week has been busssyyy! School has launched off into a really great start – still working out some general kinks, but I think next week we’ll get into a smoother rhythm. I’m super, super excited about some new programs I’m starting with my kiddos! It has me all pumped and jazzed about this new school year, which is not a bad way to begin one.;) Aaaaand the concrete crew is coming this morning to start the foundation process of our new home – yet another reason to be all jazzed and pumpy!

Which brings me to kind of an anchoring topic for all that jazzy: Neutrals. Camel sweaters, in particular, are the classic, workhorse neutrals of every wardrobe – male or female. If you don’t own one (like me for many, many years), you need to own at least one. I resisted buying them for, well, until last year, because I thought they would “wash me out,” with my fair skin. But was surprised they didn’t at all! You just need to find the right shade – for me, I like warm, sandy tones, like this one….

neutrals-1a neutrals-2a neutrals-3a neutrals-4a neutrals-5a neutrals-6a neutrals-7a

Shopped a bunch of classic camels for ya, below! I recently bought the v-neck one from Gap, and I love it. It’s super soft (I have very sensitive skin, and it doesn’t itch at all), and it has a perfect, casual slouch to it. I also have the J.Crew “Tippi” one in the hthr saddle color, and I love it, too! So soft, but it’s more fitted and shorter than the Gap one, which gives it a sleeker, more polished look. It also has this great 60’s feel to it, which is really what sold me on it. Both of them will help shoot my fall/winter wardrobe in many, varied directions, like good ol’ wardrobe workhorses should.

Happy Friday, Loves!!

xx -Carrie

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